Rudolf Magnus & hållningsmekanismer (posture)

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Rudolf Magnus (1873 -1927) tysk farmakolog och fysiolog

Moshe Feldenkrais refererar till Magnus i förordet till Kroppen och det Mogna Beteendet och senare fyra ggr i boken. Det finns fog att orientera sig i Magnus´ forskning för en ökad förståelse varför en enda lektion kan förändra elevens hållning så radikalt.

Jag finner en biografi Länk[+] och två artiklar publicerade i Lancet 1925-26 som är upplysande. De finns på en Alexander lärares hemsida

Physiology of Posture Länk[+]

Några inledande citat;

The study of the physiology of movement is of old origin.  Movement affords many points of attack for research because by movement changes in the condition of the body or its parts occur, which attract the attention of the observer and can be recorded and measured.  This is not the case when posture is studied.  Here we have to deal with a constant condition without apparent changes, so that our desire for causality is not stimulated, and we therefore do not immediately suppose that active processes are at work..."

":For the purpose of these lectures I class postural activities under the following headings:—

    1. Local static reactions, in which only one part of the body—e.g., one limb—is concerned.

    2. Segmental static reactions, which involve one segment of the body—e.g., both hind-limbs, both fore-limbs, or the neck.

    3. General static reactions, in which more than one segment or even the whole body comes into action..."

Animal Posture Länk[+]


Magnus and de Kleijn neck reflexes:  
Extension of both ipsilateral limbs, or one, or part of a limb,increase of tonus on the side to which the chin is turned when the head is rotated to the side, and flexion with loss of tonus on the side to which the occiput points; sign of decerebrate rigidity except in infants.

ELECTROMYOGRAPHY OF THE ERECTOR SPINAE IN LOW BACK PAIN is one of the first studies with EMG. From 1952. This understanding is crucial for having a clue why feldenkrais lessons have the effect they have PDF[+]

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