Terminens tema:

Know thyself

"How can one know oneself?
By learning to act not as one should, but as one does." 

— Moshe Feldenkrais, Elusive Obvious (page xi)

Fysikens lagar

Det finns inget rum som ”innehåller” världen och
det finns ingen tid ”i vilken” händelser inträffar.

Tingen finns inte i världen; världen är själva tingen.

fysik år 2020 


"...I do not tell you what it is intentionally, so you can become accustomed to listening to your body. Then, you can find the thing by yourself; otherwise there isn't any value to it. The value is that you begin to perceive something is changing in your body. You begin to perceive that if you move like this -- something changes, and if you move in another way -- something else changes. Understanding that changes the relationship between the pains of your body and your feelings; it also reorganizes one in relation to the other. That has value..."

Moshe Feldenkrais