by Jan Grönholm - Feldenkraismetoden, att lära sig lära igen.
Natur och Kultur 1996. 
Translated from Swedish by Eva Laser

Yochanan Rywerant was one of the founders of IFF and served as a director on the first board

In 1992, the International Feldenkrais Federation, IFF, was founded in Paris. SFAF was one of the member organisations, but SFF was not, because the Rywerant-trained teachers had not received an accepted training.
In other places in Europe there were pedagogues trained by Mia Segal who were also not allowed to become members. In 1994, the distance between the two camps had narrowed in Sweden and abroad. The associations that organized Mia Segal's and Yochanan Rywerant's students became associate members of the IFF. Segal's and Rywerant's competence is indisputable, and no one could demonstrate that their students would be of a lower quality. No one wanted to question their students' right to call themselves Feldenkrais pedagogues. You could also see that the Segals and Rywerants set out to set up an education had its advantages.
Both internationally and nationally, it was perceived as a definite common interest to instead highlight the people who had not been trained by authorized teachers - which both Yochanan Rywerant and Mia Segal are.

SFAF, Svenska Förbundet Auktoriserade feldenkraispedagoger
[the Swedish Guild for TAB trained teachers]

SFF Svenska Feldenkraisföreningen 
[teachers trained by YR]

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If there was one thing Yochanan Rywerant detested, it was mixing up movement and action. He hasn't written a book about movement therapy. It is unthinkable. It is a humiliation to write that way about his first book.

The name of the book is The Feldenkrais Method, Teaching by handling.
When IFF writes in this way, it is a sign of how invisible he has become.

Corollary Discharge, The Forgotten Link - Remarks on the Body-Mind Problem
is unknown to the data base.


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