Videos and recordings

Yochanan Rywerant and his first wife Yardena Alotin (1930 - 1996)
YA was a pianist and composer. See link.
She assited YR with filming his teaching.

Yochanan Rywerant was torn when it came to filming FI lessons.

He did not think the three-dimensional view of what action entails was done justice.

Still he was sometimes filmed when teaching. In the same way that MF recorded ATM lessons in order to improve them, YA filmed the entire first basic training in Sweden.The basic training STHLM 1 was published in 2007, but it has been withdrawn and suspended by the estate.

He was filmed teaching advanced see paragraph 8. Maybe other places?

He also filmed processes with students. Two of these have been published but they too has been withdrawn.

It is difficult to leave a legacy when those who come after have difficulty agreeing on the value of the irreplaceable source of knowledge.

 4 Lessons during an advanced training in San Fransisco  15 - 26 July 1985. Wilson suffered a stroke several months before.

A Swedish girl with scoliosis. The sessions took place during Stockholm 1 informerar kring feldenkrais i allmänhet och verksamheten på Feldenkrais Skolan i synnerhet. 

Hemsidan ger läsaren en möjlighet att bekanta sig med teorin bakom feldenkrais,
väcka nyfikenhet och förmedla
allvar och möjligheter.

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