Moshe Feldenkrais - A life in movement, Volume one
"Do you want gossip or do you want to talk with me about the work of Moshe Feldenkrais?"

Yochanan Rywerants asks.

He is not mentioned in the book...

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It is no coincidence that YR is not mentioned in the name register

of Mark Reese's posthumously published biography of Moshe Feldenkrais at the family publisher ReeseKress Somatics Press in 2015.

There are six double-spaced pages of names. A large number of people are named, mentioned and/or have contributed to the content, both actively and in the capacity of various roles and publications.

However, Yochanan Rywerant is absent in all parts of the book, either as a person, or as an author, or as MF's close confidant and assistant.

Around this, I will try to convey a context regarding how I understand this phenomenon. It is remarkable and special.

page 565 Names index
without Yochanan Rywerant

Mark Reese (1951-2006) was a student in Moshe Feldenkrais second professional training in San Francisco 1975 -1977.

In the book it is referred to as the original training in America.

Since I am writing about Yochanan Rywerant, who served as an assistant in SF, and himself trained in the original training by Moshe Feldenkrais in Tel Aviv, I choose to pay attention to the use of two original.

Yochanan Rywerant is not the only person not mentioned.

He is joined by professors Hans Kreitler and Shulamit Kreitler, to some extent the Nobel laureate in chemistry Irene Joliot Curie and, surprisingly, Emilé Coué's name is not found in the name index. There maybe more but about these people I have something to write.

The are all absent for different reasons but none the less.

As a biography, the book spans a timeline from MF's birth in 1904 to 1951, but in reality the book lacks chronological order on a detailed level as the author makes bold leaps to include himself, various whims and his own guesses about events and connections.

In order to make the discussion more understandable, I need to attach some information about myself that is decisive for my assessment of the facts I reason about.

I am Jewish, I know Hebrew well, both in writing and speaking. I have above average knowledge of Judaica for a layman. I have been involved in the translation of MF's books, BMB and TEO and not least initiated the translation of MF's two chapters from Autosuggestion 1929/1977, i.e. I am very familiar with those texts.

My relationship, professional in nature, with YR spans a period of 21 years.

The book has reference, subjects index, names index and books index.  

page xx Subject index
Action is missing, acture is the first word

page xx Subject index
Movement is mentioned 127 times

page xx Subject index
self image - action is mentioned 10 times informerar kring feldenkrais i allmänhet och verksamheten på Feldenkrais Skolan i synnerhet. 

Hemsidan ger läsaren en möjlighet att bekanta sig med teorin bakom feldenkrais,
väcka nyfikenhet och förmedla
allvar och möjligheter.

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