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Eva Laser

I learned more from Yochanan than all my other teachers, including Moshe.

Once in '87, he organized a workshop in Amherst. Only 6 people turned up. He nevertheless stayed the whole week with us. I was there with a girl friend, whom he allowed to stay in the class whenever she wanted to. He even used her for demonstrations.
Such a generous man. May he rest in peace.

November 10, 2022
Philippe Leblond

I can't remember the man's name--but he had CP and was also a FP--He came in walking with difficulty--Y gave him and FI and afterward he charged around the room.
Truly amazing.

November 16, 2022
Leslie Wilder


Yochanon taught me a sense of rigor or demand

He helped me bridge the gap between relaxation and functional thinking. His accuracy was astounding. I value so much the studies I did with him in the USA after Amherst and later in Zurich Switzerland.

I consider him responsible for honing my technical skills

It is easy to recall him watching me work in Zurich, his interventions where he placed his hands over mine, and created an environment where I could sense what he was searching for with his touch. His insistence that I, as a practitioner, be able to elicit those responses from my students had a profound effect on how I worked with people.

On a more personal level, I am forever grateful for the FI lessons Yochanon gave me following a car accident, concussion, and vertigo

His masterful work resetting the relationship between the atlas, axis, and skull stopped four months of severe vertigo. How he finds the new relationship involved “all my parts” —. From my toes to my skull. It was the exact opposite of wirking with only the skull and the top 2 vertebrae like certain forms of chiropractic. I wish the lessons had been videotaped.

They were not.

November 20, 2022
Ellen Solloway

Being in the presence of Yochanan enabled me to sense, feel, think and act in a new variety
During his masterclasses my self-image extended in many ways and I always enjoyed his sense of humor.
He made me aware about the "image before action" and to corollary discharge in his own understanding of that importance.
What I experienced with him was really outstanding.
November 21, 2022
Stephan Schrod
My dearest teacher,

who is present in every FI
I teach
When I heard that Yochanan
Is opening Feldenkrais practitioner course
I did not think twice
at the time I was living in Singapore and I have traveled to Israel for three years
to study with him
his way of teaching
hand on from the first day
and making sure you understand and feel with
your hand how to go about
was a real gift
I was very lucky to learn with the Master
and when my course was over
I got my accreditation proved by Yochanan
I felt and stil feel very lucky
Yochanan had opened an advanced course for Feldenkrais practitioners
with out thinking twice I have enrolled for that course
making my way from Rome to TLV for two
All in all my 5 years studying with Yochanan
gave me very solid strong tools to understand
the brilliance of the Feldenkrais  Method

never ending learning
that I keep on learning from all the good teacher from around the world
and all the credit is to my first Feldenkrais teacher
There is not one day that you do not cross my mind when I give an FI
for this my dear teacher I will thank you forever.
My dear Yochanan🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Zürich November 22, 2022
Mazal Sidler

After graduation, Yochanan came to Amherst 2 or 3 summers to offer advanced trainings. I am so grateful to have had the experience of learning some of the fundamental principles of giving FIs during those times. So clear.

Rancho Mirage, CA
December 6, 2022

Angel Di Benedetto

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