Martin Buber and Hugo S Bergman were close friends

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem April 1950
Semi-jubilee Volume 1925-1950
foreword Albert Einstein

I am presenting a copy of this chapter from a jubilee book called a new venture of adult education by Martin Buber because when I read it I can see clear traces and influence for a parallel approach of the adult education we know as the Feldenkrais Method. At the time of this text Hugo S Bergman, the close friend of Moshe Feldenkrais, was also teaching as a professor of the Hebrew University.  

From my research and comparison of the pedagogic approach of Martin Buber and the approach of both FI & ATM as I know it from sources of all kinds I find excellent examples from what he calls the dialogue principle he refers to and in whose realm I function as a teacher, guide and companion.

It is my wish that the teachers of our profession will find what they need in the text, clarifying their own role as pedagogues & educators, in contact with the roots of the Method & continuously shaping an individual training style. Now it is almost 60 years since these words were written down for the social context of the Israeli society of the early 1950ies, at the time of the beginning of the Alexander Yanai teaching and the Feldenkrais School in Tel Aviv. Certainly a text like this is a text of the hopes of a young vibrating state, recovering from the horrors of WW II & shaping together the remains of a traumatized nation. But stripping it from the parts pointing at a certain place and group we can also find a universal approach with its influences in true teaching and learning.

I ask the reader to imagine the ingredients we know to be part of a Feldenkrais curriculum and be reinforced in a state of mind I like to call post – mosheanism



It is impossible for such a group to be educated in this way unless the teacher is in a position to get to know the students individually and establish contact with every one of them.

Contact is the root and basis of education. It means that the connection between teacher and student is not merely on an intellectual plane - the influence of a developed mind upon one that has not yet fully matured - but a connection between personalities so that one human entity confronts another.

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